Steve Aulerich

I started my ceramics career in 1974 at Corvallis High School’s ceramic studio under the tutelage of Dennis Staats.  Dennis allowed me to start and end my day making pottery and working as a lab assistant mixing clay, making glazes and firing kilns.   After that initial brush with clay, I took a 20 year break to pursue a successful career in Forest Engineering.  In 2000, I became inspired to start ceramics again through the local community college LBCC Benton Center.  I am an Instructional Assistant at the college and help students learn a variety of skills and techniques.

I enjoy working at my home studio where I create and fire a variety of beautiful forms with different shapes, colors and textures.  I use an electric kiln for bisque firing and a natural gas kiln for high firing.  The kilns are monitored with instruments to minimize energy consumption.

I am a member of the Oregon Potters Association and the Willamette Ceramics Guild.   In 2006, my work was recognized with the Jay Widmer Juror’s Choice Award in ceramics.

I still travel the world as a consulting engineer but also find time to create beautiful ceramic art.







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