Annclaire Grieg

All of my adult life I have used my tactile sense of my finger tips in the success of my work; first as a Dental Hygienist, then as a Massage Therapist. Now as a clay artist, I combine those tactile skills with the visual to form my pieces.

More free-formed than intentional, I follow the feeling of the clay as it suggests how to move and change the form.  There is freedom and joy in working this way and the never-ending practice of trusting what I know and letting go of outcome.

Letting go is also necessary to the types of firing I like best. Wood, gas fired soda/salt and raku are more unpredictable firing processes.  Forming the piece is just the beginning Рthe ever changing ways heating moves ash, soda or salt vapors around a kiln, or the patterns left by combustibles during the final steps of raku firing are all reminders to use my knowledge then let go and enjoy.

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