Jeff Gunn

As a science teacher and biologist I am often in touch with the many shapes and colors of nature. Garden seed pods, birds, and animal habitats continue to inspire my work. I have also been taken in by many aspects of Asian art, from the simplicity of bamboo stems and leaves to fine lines of lanterns and pagodas.

I enjoy exploring glaze recipes and the many effects one can experiment with. The glazing process I tend to use most includes traditional Celadon and Shino, the addition of salt or sodato the kiln’s chamber, and the burning of wood to add an extra element of surprise.

From the buttery touch of porcelain to the structural gritty stoneware, my hands feel the freedom and rhythm of shaping pots on the wheel. Spending time with clay on the wheel is a form of therapy and creative expression. I continue to be fascinated the endless variety of forms, textures and surfaces that the world of ceramics offers.

Working with other potters and artists helps maintain my level of enthusiasm for producing work. Being a member of Willamette Ceramic’s Guild offers the support, creative exchanges, and opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise!

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