Becky Arthur

Nebula Series - Cosmic Dust

While pursuing an art degree in interior design with a concentration in history of furniture at San Jose State University, I had the opportunity to explore many media; wood furnituremaking, ceramics, textiles, painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography. Two things happened. First, I realized I would never be bored; there were simply too many ideas to explore in one lifetime. Second, I was introduced to and fascinated by the work of Georgia O’Keeffe and abstract realism.

After earning my degree and working in architecture, I became a furnituremaker. I incorporated O’Keeffe’s motto “Simplify, Eliminate, Emphasize” as the theme in my work. Then I discovered clay.

Clay is a very tactile medium.  I enjoy the textures and shapes I am able to create, the way the clay and I work together.  Current work is a series where images of nebulae are simplified to abstract shapes and swirling colors.

My work is mostly hand built, combined with raku firing. Raku firing is done quickly. The hot pieces are pulled from the kiln and cooled rapidly in open air, water or by being smoked in combustible material, with widely varying results.

Today I live with my husband Jeff in Corvallis, OR, nestled against the Coast Range Mountains in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Three dimensionally I work with clay and wood. Two dimensionally I paint with watercolor. Three media, one theme: abstract realism.  Simple and elegant.

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