Holiday Market Update

WCG is pleased to announce the following artists will be showing at the 2010 Holiday Market Place event at OSU, December 3-4. All these folks are wildly talented, so be sure to stop in to say hello, and perhaps do some of your Holiday shopping with us. We will be located in the Ballroom of the Memorial Union building. We have an entire room devoted to displaying our work, which includes not only functional wares, but art pieces as well. Here’s the artists…some have links over to the right>>>>…check out their work!

Rhoda Fleishman

Barb Markello

Karen French

Laurie Childers

Laura Peters

Fay Jones Day

Kathleen Stursa

Alexis Spakoski

Ted Ernst

Sandy Houtman

Becca Lemon

Lynda Farmer

Ginny Gibson

Steve Aulerich

Beth Norris

Susan Pachuta

Kathy Clark

AnnClaire Greig

Marjorie (Marjie) Corbin

Keith Jewel

About Lynda Farmer

About ten years ago, I realized I’d been saying “I’ll get back to clay one of these days” SINCE 1979!!! The very next week, I signed up for a clay class at LBCC Benton Center, and have been there ever since. It has been one of the great joys in my life…creating, using the medium of clay. I like the way it feels, I like the way it smells, I like the way it waits to be made into something. When I go home and I’ve got clay spattered from my head to my toes, I feel a sense of satisfaction. Probably not unlike an athlete after a long workout, or a singer after a rehearsal. We all have something inside that craves to create. And whether it’s expressed in clay, painting, music, dance, cooking, the sciences, or even caring for others; the drive to create something special, something that makes a difference to someone, something which expresses our hearts and minds, is definitely worth the pursuit. Over these years, I have found myself focusing more on art than on function. Most of my pieces are hand built art for the home…meant to hang on the wall or stand independently, many of which can double for floral arrangement containers or candle sconces. I love the idea of making a piece so it has more than one purpose/pleasure. I like to address more than one sense if possible. For instance, if it’s hollow, make it a rattle. If it is free standing, shape it to funnel light upwards or have piercings, so that it can be illuminated and enjoyed that way. Make it to hang on the wall, or be used as serveware. Create work that can go indoors or out in the garden. Currently, my work is either Raku fired or wood fired. Both distinctly different from each other, but equally unique and beautiful. I may not have a formal education. And I cannot say I am self-taught, as many wonderful people have generously shared their craft with me over the years. I don’t have a studio at home, nor have I had my own exhibit or made a bunch of money. So I’m no one important in the clay world. But working in clay has not only fed my creative monster, it‘s given me years of fun, relaxation, and a ton of personal growth; as well as brought many precious people into my life. I may not have material riches, but I am truly rich in the things money can’t buy…a sense of accomplishment, dear friends, and joy. I hope you enjoy my work. Your comments will be appreciated.
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