Becca Lemon

BeccaLemon_Middle Sister My work as an artist has been a constantly
evolving celebration of the forces of nature.

I have always been intrigued by humanity’s attempts to
understand and personify the elements of the world we
inhabit. My work with masks developed from an
interest in the mythology surrounding the natural world,
in particular the elementals and nature spirits
embodied by the Green Man, and my figurative
sculpture is centered in the concept of Gaia. I love the
idea of our world as a sentient persona conveying both
the wild and the gentle aspects of our planet. I am excited to pursue work focused on depicting that personage in her myriad forms, and the many varied ways in which our human presence affects her.

Clay is an ancient medium of expression and, for me, the most satisfying. Forming a piece in clay is a way of speaking without words, and it seems to me that when I am working conscious thought ceases and meaning flows into the piece unfettered through my hands.

Please visit my gallery to see my current work…

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