Alexis Spakoski

cone 6 electric fired.  oxides and black glaze.

Though my background lies in graphic design and freelance illustration, I have found hand-building in clay to be my artistic passion.  Dreaming Dogs Studio is a small space that I cherish, and is located in my backyard with a nice garden view.

The imagery in my art comes from what I love— scenes of dogs, cats, or various animals abound, whether performing on little stages, leaping in moon-lit gardens, or simply sitting on comfy chairs expectantly waiting to play.  My children and pets provide inspiration for my art, as well as the magic and whimsy of my own memories and imagination.  Most of all, I create objects that I hope bring a little more joy to our lives.

My ceramic artwork is sold locally at The Arts Center’s Art Shop, here in Corvallis—  I also have exhibited at the OSU Memorial Union gallery, Corvallis Montessori School, and at Fall Festival as part of the Willamette Ceramics Guild booth.  Please view my work at:


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