Portable Shelving for Sale

I talked with Jesse Jones a couple of weeks about him wanting to sell his shelving that he bought from Doug Hively.  He sent me the following information and photos.  The Guild could buy these shelves if we vote to do so or any individual or individuals could purchase them from Jesse.  His email is: jessejones79@gmail.com;

Attached are some pics of the ladder shelving I have for sale. I have
also attached the catalog page for price reference. The line has been
discontinued, but there are some parts still available. I paid Doug
Hively $675 for the set in November of 2005 and would be looking to
get the same for it now. Here is a list of what I have:

(26) Regular Speed Braces (New price 6.71/pair)
(16) Regular Cross Members (New price 6.71/pair)
(16) 65″ Ladders ($28.20 each)
(6) 44″ ladders ($19.96 each)
(5) 75″ ladders ($32.58 each)
(52) Regular Standard Shelves ($19.53 each)
(4) Custom 1′ X 6′ 11-ply plywood shelves that work with the ladder system

This is enough shelving to fill 2 10′ X 10′ booths or the large side
room at the MU Holiday sale. It is very light, easy to set up, easy
to store and is in really good shape ( a little dusty).

To buy this shelving now (if not discontinued) would be almost $2000.
Pass this on to anyone who might be interested.



ARS 2007 Catalog p.81























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2 Responses to Portable Shelving for Sale

  1. Sandy Houtman says:

    I think this looks like a good deal if we can find a place to store them temporarily and if they will fit in the Guild closet at the Art Center once the closet is reconfigured.

    The nice thing about these is their flexibility. We could put shelves low on some of them, put a fabric covered board behind to hang wall pieces on. We could have space for large pots and lamps, where ever we choose.I like the idea of flexibility with a uniform look. We don’t have much flexibility with the book cases.

    Sandy Houtman

  2. I agree with Sandy that the shelves would give us a lot of flexibility and uniformity. I would be willing to store some of the shelves at my house but do not want to have all of them. I don’t have that much room and I would not want to be the “shelve guy” that gets stuck bringing shelves to each show. Maybe a few “regulars” could have a section to spread the responsibility and storeage issue. We could fit the bulk in the storage closet. We don’t need to wait until the closet is finalized to move on it.

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