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Want to add to or make changes to our site?

Follow these instructions.

Need a login and password?

Contact   Keith Olsen   and request both.

Already have a login and password?   Click on the following:

You should see a WordPress log in box. Type in your name exactly like the example below with the first letters caps and a space between first and last name

User name will be     Your Name

Password will be       yourpassword

Make sure you put your password in just like it was provided.


This will get you to your profile page.

Once you get to your profile page you can change your password, your email and other personal things.  To add things under your name in our list of artists with (……more) next to their names will require additional steps explained below.     



To add text to your artist page

To add text to your artist page you need to click on “dashboard” in the upper left corner.  Click on the Pages tab in the lefthand column.

Scroll down to your name and click on your name. If you don’t see your name you may have scroll down and/or move to the next page since we have lots of members.  Do this by selecting the numbered boxes in the bottom right corner. 

Once you are at your page you can add your bio information and any contact info you would like to share in the text box below your name.

When you are done, click on the  “Update Page” button in the right hand column.



Add an ImageImages can be added by clicking on the add image button .

Add MediaMedia can be added by clicking on the add media button . 

Both buttoms are near the top of the page just below your name next to Upload/Insert.  You may need to work with both buttoms to get the images  uploaded and then added.

Images need to be webready (less than 30 kilobytes) or they may be too large to load quickly when someone is viewing them on our site. Most image editing software can reduce the image file size.

Be sure to click on the “Update Page” button.


Adding a Post

To add a post to the WCG blog you need to log in using your user name and password.
Cllick on “dashboardin the upper left corner.
Select “Posts” in left hand column.
Select “Add New“. Put in a title and type in your post.
Be sure to click publish (box on the right) or it won’t show up.


For Help

Ask other members how to do it.

Learn how to use WordPress by visiting or

Steve Aulerich found the following site useful.



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