Becca Lemon

I make my living as a software engineer, but I make my life as an artist.

I have always been intrigued by humanity’s attempts to understand and personify the forces of nature. My work with masks developed from an interest in the mythology surrounding the natural world, in particular the elementals and nature spirits embodied by the Green Man.

The masks have evolved, however, and now I find myself equally fascinated by how little it takes to invoke humanity from even the most grotesque and fantastical forms. Add to that the play of light and the varying perspectives of distance, and one then finds inspiration in the folds and swirls and plasticity of the clay itself.

Clay is an ancient medium of expression and, for me, the most satisfying. Ultimately, the work contains all the elements of the cosmos – earth, water, fire, and spirit.

Please visit my gallery to see some of my previous work…