Broken Pieces

The guild continues to develop guidelines for our various shows.  What to do in the rare event that a members piece is broken is being considered.  Should the guild help out the artist?  Please comment. 

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  1. Cynthia Spencer says:

    It is good the Guild members wish reimburse the potter’s percentage when breakage occurs by the public or by another member during set up/take down and if this doesn’t occur very often, it’s ok, but in the event of an entire shelf going down or worse, it could really wipe out Guild funds quickly.

    I would suggest that language be given each potter (signed by eveyone?) stating that showing with the Guild booth is at the complete risk of each potter including theft and damage. There could also be language about work that may be removed if deemed too tippy/fragile for the public.

    A committee could be formed to deal with special cases of breakage case-by-case should a more expensive piece or worse accident happens.

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