Suzanne Getz

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Phone: 541-207-6688

In 1964 I started college art studies at a small Jesuit college where we could not have nude models and women were not allowed to wear slacks! In 1967 I transferred to the Corcoran Gallery Art School in Washington DC where I majored in ceramic studies. My instruction was a combination of traditional Japanese pottery and the explosion of the new ceramic arts of the 1960’s and 70’s with influences from artists like Volkos, Arneson, Spensky, Chicago. My teachers were Hara, Lombardo and Graham. I was fortunate to be appointed as a lab assistant where I learned to mix clay, glazes, build and fire kilns.

After a short career in production pottery and drawing, I ventured into other wonderful, fulfilling careers and stayed involved in the arts by becoming a “kitchen table” artist and sold my work out of my home. I am now retired and find myself full circle back into clay sculpture, drawing and painting in my home studio, Slap Clay Studio, and take I classes at LBCC and workshops near and far. My work is eclectic, but always influenced by the sensual and wondrous aspects of Nature. Currently I am focusing on figurative human and animal forms. In Corvallis I have shown at TAC, Footwise Window and LBCC.