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This edited info was originally provided by Linda Rothchild Ollis to help Local Clay / WCG  jury into shows, send images to magazines and book publishers, making our own business cards and  postcards, sending out email postcards. 

To make Postcards and Business Cards easily,  use .   Avery has made it easy to use.  It is free and the template designs offer choices that are professional and accessible for different computers. 

Sending Images for Juried Shows    resizes images at no charge, for digital presentations, which you would need to submit for shows, magazines and book publishers.

Burning a CD to submit images to a gallery requires a “CD Burner” that is on computers purchased within the last three years.  Look for that feature, as well as photo editing software, when you purchase a computer . 

For online Email Invitations for Shows or Postcards: offers easy to use, professional design choices, that can be clicked and sent. 

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