Laura Peters

Bird Vase

I was first introduced to pottery in 1998 shortly after moving to the West Coast from New York. Soon after taking my first ceramics class at Pottery Northwest in Seattle, I was hooked. I found that my graphic art and illustrative background led me to approach the clay as a surface to be rendered upon. The work is primarily handbuilt porcelain using coils or slabs of clay manipulated to achieve a sense of organic movement.  The most time consuming aspect of each piece is the underglaze brushwork.  The highly detailed interwoven scenes depicted on my work are often a representation of the interconnection between all forms of life and the dynamic between human activity and nature.  Inspiration comes from observations, stories, my studies in Anthropology and Zoology at Oregon State University, and the extraordinary animals I work with at the Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.


For me, the process of transforming the soft clay into utilitarian wares and object d’ art can be both rewarding and challenging. Because the medium utilizes the four basic elements: earth, water, fire and air, obstacles often arise throughout the production of the piece.  I address these challenges through the development of new techniques and experimentation. Thus, I look forward to continuing the vast possibilities which clay has to offer, and see how my work unfolds over time.


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