Harriett Lamberson

An adult ed class introduced me to clay and I was instantly hooked.  Due to life’s realities I drifted in and out of pottery, with years between short bursts of creativity. Now at last I have almost all the time I want to spend in the studio.  I still have to eat, sleep, and take an occasional shower!

I have no particular style – mostly hand building, some wheel work, some functional pieces, some decorative pieces, mostly mid-fire, some high fire at LBCC.  Not really a novice but still constantly learning.  I know almost nothing about glaze formation so rely on commercial products. The majority of my work is fired in my home electric kiln at cone 6.

I remain a hobbyist, giving most of my pots to family and friends but do like to participate in the WCG shows.

Some of the pots I’ve made in 2017.

Molded on the “belly bowl” mold at LBCC.  Trillium porcelain, Mayco Stroke n coat interior, Amaco Potter’s Choice Ancient Jasper outside. Electric fire cone 6

Butter dishes, Trillium porcelain, Amaco Velvet underglazes, clear glaze over,

electric cone 6

variety of cone 6 clays, no glaze, electric fire.

casserole dish, Trail Mix cone 6, electric fire

salt and Pepper shakers, silver falls cone 10, soda fire

Silver Falls cone 10, inlaid colored clay

Grandsons’ art work copied onto Trillium porcelain, in Mayco Stroke n Coat